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1 August - 1 December, 2014, Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre Bengaluru,India

ELECRAMA is the world's largest electrical T&D exhibition held biennially in Mumbai, India since 1990. It has grown to be the world's largest one-stop-shop for electrical and industrial electronics. In its ninth edition; ELECRAMA 2010 hosted 1,243 exhibitors from 23 countries including India and attracted 1,05,209 footfalls into the exhibition including visitors from 120 countries.

As the largest confluence of the power transmission and distribution sector ranging from 110V to 1200kV and HVDC transmission, ELECRAMA offers an international framework, for display, discussions and deliberations amongst global T&D fraternity comprising of business people, thought leaders, technologists and professionals from the Utilities, Industry and Academia.
Material handling equipment like cranes, forklifts, hoists, and Rough terrain transport system for the Production and Conveyance of RMC, Bitumen and earth at the job site.
Hydraulic and pneumatic Drilling equipment. Slope stabilisation drills with accessories like DHDs, Drifters, concrete pumps, Retracting tools, Rock Breakers for demolition and secondary breaking.
Sewer construction and maintenance systems, conduit construction systems.
Plant and Machinery for tunnel and gallery construction.
Trenchers, Underground Cable-Laying, Pipe Laying, Drainage and Trench digging Equipment.
Prime movers like Engines, and Hydraulic Power Transmission products.
Utility equipment like Portable light Towers, Portable / Stationary Generators, Air compressors, Plate compactors, walk behind rollers, Skid Steer Loaders.
Spare Parts and accessories like pneumatic valves and Hydraulic pumps and motors, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical tools required for maintenance to support high value Construction Equipment for optimum performance.
Fluid Engineering and Sub-assemblies for Construction Industry.
Financing, Insurance, Equipment Rental / leasing and Engineering Services.
Site Installations.
Safety devices.
Quality control equipments, systems, standards, Testing methods, Measuring & Control instruments and Surveying Equipment.
IT for Construction for integrated project management and accounting.
Railway track Laying Machines.
Automatic Control Systems.
Other ancillaries/attachments like additives, tyres, Fuels and Lubricants, Geotextiles, Sealing products, environment / recycling equipment and technologies, Road furnishing equipment , Waste Collection Equipments, Associations, Technical Publications, Government agencies, State and local authorities, Research & development organizations, training institutes, auction houses, Plant and Machinery for tunnel & gallery construction and many more.

Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (ieema)
Address : 501, Kakad Chambers, 132, Dr. Annie Besant Road Worli Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Mumbai(Maharashtra)India

Exhibitors Information :

Profile for exhibit at ELECRAMA includes Equipment for generation, transmission, distribution, protection & utilization of electrical power, instrument transformers, transmission line towers, cables, winding wires, Equipment for process control, monitoring and recording, Testing, measuring equipment & systems, Equipment for telecommunication Lighting equipment, fixtures, decorative, Energy conservation equipment, solar energy system, water heaters, Computer hardware and software.

Exhibitors List :

A. K. Pwer Industries     India
Abhi Metals     India
Advance Metering Technology Ltd     India
Aeron Composite Pvt. Ltd.     India
Agni fiber Boards Pvt. Ltd.     India
Allied Power Solution     India
Alstrut India P. L     India
Alwaye Engineer Works     India
Alwaye Load Selectors     India
Amara Raja Power Systems Limited     India
Ambetronics engineers Private Ltd.     India
Anchor Elecrtricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Angel Turnomatic     India
Antrix Associates     India
Apar Industries Limited     India
Apollo Soyuz Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Arihant Enterprises     India
Artech Solonic     India
Artech Welders Pvt.Ltd.     India
Ashlok Safe earthing Electrod Ltd.     India
Ashmor Electricals (India) Pvt. Ltd.     India
Ashwin Electro Industrial     India
Asiatic Electrical And switchgear Pvt. Ltd.     India
Atel devices & systems     India
Atlas Metal Industry     India
Atvus Industries     India
Auto Diecasting Company     India
Autonics Automation India. Pvt. Ltd.     India
Axis Electrical Components (I) Pvt. Ltd.     India
B&R Industrial Automation Pvt. Ltd.     India
B. B Electrotechnic     India
Bajeria Industries     India
Baroda Bushings & Insulators     India
Baron Power Ltd.     India
Beemet Instruments Private Ltd.     India
BEICO Industries Pvt. Ltd     India
Bentec Electrical & Electronics Pvt. Ltd.     India
Bharat Electro Instrument Mfg Co.     India
Bhumi Brass & Alloy     India
Bhuwal Insulation Cable Pvt. Ltd.     India
Billets Elektro Werke Limikted     India
Black Burn & Co. Pvt. Ltd.     India
Brass Copper & Alloy India Ltd.     India
Brilliant International     India
Brisk Industries     India
C&S Electric Ltd.     India
Calter (STI Industries)     India
Cee Dee Vaccum Equipments Pvt. Ltd.     India
Century Infrapower Pvt. Ltd.     India
Chary Publications Pvt. Ltd.     India
Chetna engg co     India
Chhabi Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Choksi Heraeus Pvt. Ltd.     India
Citizen Metalloys Ltd.     India
Classic Automotive. Ind. Pvt. Ltd.     India
Cogebi Asia SDN BHD     India
Comet Brass Product     India
Compaq International Pvt. Ltd.     India
Connectwell Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Contech Instruments Ltd     India
Copprrod Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Cords Cabel Industries Ltd.     India
Corrub Industries     India
Crompton Greaves Limited     India
Crystal Exports     India
CSA Group     India
CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd     India
Danish pvt. Ltd.     India
Darshana Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Deccan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.     India
DEHN India P L     India
Diamond Power Infrastructure     India
DSM     India
Dubas Engg P. L.     India
Easun Group     India
Ectro Fibres     India
Educe Micro Research     India
EFY Enterprises     India
ELANTAS Beck India Ltd.     India
Elecon Measurements Pvt. Ltd.     India
Electrical Controls & Systeams     India
Electro Crimp Contact India P. L.     India
Electrofocus Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Electron Automats     India
Electronic Relays I Pvt. Ltd.     India
Electronicon Kondensatoren GmbH     Germany
Electrotherm India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Elektrolites Power Pvt. Ltd     India
Elemex Controls / Elmex Electric Pvt. Ltd.     India
Eltel Industries     India
EMCO Electronics     India
EMCO Ltd.     India
EMI Solutions Pvt. Ltd     India
EMKA India Panel Accessories P. L.     India
ENAPROS     India
Encon Thermal Engineers P. Ltd.     India
Engineering Review     India
Enn Kay Engineering Company     India
Ensto India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Envision Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd.     India
EPCOS India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Erico     USA
Esennar Tansformers Pvt. Ltd.     India
Essbee Controls     India
Essen Denki     India
Exalt Engineering Industries     India
Excel Contact Technology     India
Excella Electronics     India
Exide Industries Ltd.     India
Exotherm Instruments     India
FCG Flameproof control Gears Pvt. Ltd.     India
Fibre & Fibre Glass products     India
Fibre Glass Insulation     India
Finolex Cables Ltd.     India
Flir Systems India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Flucon Enterprises     India
Foremost Industrial Products     India
Friends Tools & Components     India
G & W Electric Co.     India
G. M Modular     India
Gala Shrink Fit     India
Galaxy Earthing Electrodes Pvt. Ltd.     India
GE India Industrial Pvt. Ltd.     India
Gem Telergon Switohgears     India
Gemotec Ltd     Switzerland
Genus Power Infrsatructure Ltd.     India
GIC Insu-flex Conductors Pvt. Ltd.     India
Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.     India
Goldmedal Electrical Pvt. Ltd.     India
Goldstar Impex     India
Goldstone Infratech Ltd     India
Goliya Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Goliya Instrument Pvt. Ltd.     India
Grand Polycots Company Pvt. Ltd.     India
Gujarat Cable & Enamelled Products Ltd.     India
Gujrat Plug in Devices Pvt. Ltd.     India
Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited     India
Hager     India
Hammer Knock Pressotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Hazari Trading Company     India
Helukabel India Pvt. Ltd     India
Hemakul     India
Hensel Electric Pvt. Ltd.     India
Hicool Electronic Industries     India
Hind Rectifiers Ltd     India
Hindustan Motor Mfg     India
Hindustan Platinum Pvt. Ltd.     India
Hirawat Electricals Private Ltd.     India
Hirpara Metal Industries     India
Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd.     India
Host International Pvt. Ltd.     India
HPL Electric & Power Pvt. Ltd.     India
Iconic Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.     India
IED Communication Ltd.     India
Igus India Pvt Ltd     India
IMP Powers Limited     India
Indiana Gratings Pvt. Ltd.     India
Indo Electricals     India
Indusree     India
Industrial Controls & drives (India) P. L.     India
Infomate Data System     India
Inspros Engineers Pvt. Ltd.     India
Insta Control Pvt. Ltd.     India
Insutech Corporation     India
Integrated Electric Co. Pvt. Ltd     India
Interaaction Electronics     India
ISA Advanvce Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.     India
J K Earthing Electrodes     India
Jay International     India
Jaybanas Metals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Jaybee Laminations Pvt. Ltd.     India
JDS Transformers Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
JEF Techno solution     India
Jeumont Electric India Pvt.Ltd.     India
Jiangsu Smart Electric co. Ltd.     China
Jindal Rectrifier     India
Jyoti Limited     India
K & S Advertising     India
K. M. Gandhi     India
K. Patel Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kanohar Electricals Ltd.     India
Kappa Group of Companies     India
Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kaycee Industries Ltd.     India
KEC International Ltd.     India
KEI Industries Ltd     India
KGS Engineering Limited     India
Kheraj Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kiran Insulated wire Industries     India
Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd.     India
Kirpekar Micro Tool & Machine Pvt. Ltd.     India
KlemSan Electrik & Electronik     Turkey
Kloeckner Desma Machinery P. L.     India
Kores India Ltd     India
Krishna Electronics     India
Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd     India
KRYFS Power Componenets Ltd.     India
KSE Electrical Pvt. Ltd.     India
KSH International Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kusam-Meco Import Export Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kusum Engineering Works     India
KUVAG Gmbh & co     India
KVTEK Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.     India
Kyoritsu Electrical Instrument Works Ltd. / Messals Overseas     India
L&T Electrical & Automation     India
Lakshman Isola Pvt. Ltd     India
Landis + Gyr Limited     India
Lapp India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Lawson Fuses India Limited     India
Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.     India
Lee vedla     India
Leebo Metals Pvt. Ltd     India
Legion Energy     India
Leine & Linde India P Ltd     India
Lumino Industries Ltd     India
M&I Materials Ltd.     India
M. G. Electrica     India
Maestro Technologies     India
M-con Connectors     India
Measurements International LLP     India
Meco Meters Pvt. Ltd.     India
Megger India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Mehru Electrical & Mechanical Engineers P. Ltd.     India
Merine Electricals I Pvt. Ltd.     India
Micronova Impex Pvt. Ltd.     India
Minilec India Pvt. Ltd     India
Mipalloy     India
MMC Electric Co. P Ltd.     India
MNM Composites Pvt. Ltd.     India
Modicon Private Limited     India
Morgan Schaffer     India
Multispan Instrument Company     India
Nana Udyog     India
Narayan Powertech Pvt. Ltd.     India
Nayak Power System     India
Neelkanth Enterprises     India
Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt. Ltd. (NTPL)     India
Neptune India Limited     India
New India Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.     India
Newtek Electricals     India
Nicco Corporation Limited     India
Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Pvt Ltd.     India
Novoflex Marketing Private Limited     India
N-Rack Accessories     India
Nu-Cork Products Pvt Ltd.     India
Ocelikon Leybold Vaccum India P. L.     India
Om Industries     India
On Load Gears     India
Onyx Equipments     India
P & B Metals Component Ltd.     India
P. E. Systems Pvt. Limited     India
Pankaj Potentio Meters Pvt. Ltd.     India
Paragon Auto Control     India
Paras Enterprises     India
Parma International Pvt. Ltd.     India
PCI Ltd (Prime Group)     India
Pepperl + fuchs IPL     India
Perfect Controls     India
Permali Wallace Pvt. Ltd.     India
Pete Transformers Pvt. Ltd.     India
Pla Component     India
Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.     India
Posco India Pune Processing center Pvt. Ltd.     India
Power Matrix Solutions     India
Pranshu Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Precision Global Spring Pvt. Ltd.     India
Precision Plastic Industries Ltd.     India
Precision Wires India Ltd.     India
Prem Engineering     India
Premier Polyfilm Limited     India
Pristine Technologies & Industries (Unit of Balsara Agencies)     India
Process Technique Electronics Pvt. Ltd.     India
Prok Devices Pvt Ltd.     India
Prolite Autoglo Ltd.     India
Prolite Engineers Pvt. Ltd.     India
Protocontrol Instrument I Pvt. Ltd.     India
PRS Permacel Pvt. Ltd.     India
Pubudu Engineering P. L.     Sri Lanka
Quality Power Electrical     India
R S Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.     India
R.S Electroallys Pvt. Ltd.     India
Radhika Agencies P. Ltd     India
Rajamane &Hegde Servies P. Ltd.     India
Rajdeep Automation Pvt. Ltd.     India
Ramanuj Industries     India
Rapid Coat Powder Coatings     India
Rashtriya Metal Industries Ltd.     India
Ravicab Cables Pvt. Ltd.     India
Ravin Cables     India
Recons Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd.     India
Rectifiers & Electronics     India
Remi Elektrotechnik Limited     India
Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd.     India
Roechling Engg Plastics Indian Pvt. Ltd.     India
Rotomag Motors & Controls Pvt. Ltd.     India
RR Kabel Limited     India
RTS Power Corporation     India
S K Industrial Corporation     India
S. G Controls & Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.     India
Saan Boards Pvt. Ltd.     India
Saboo Components & Relays LLP     India
Sagun Copper Conductors Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sai Electricals     India
Salzer Electronics Limites     India
Saru silver Alloy Pvt. Ltd     India
Satyam Composites Pvt Ltd.     India
SBEE Cables Ltd.     India
Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Schnersal India Pvt. Ltd.     India
SCHWEITZER Engineering laboratories Pvt. Ltd.     India
Scope T&M     India
Scot Innovation wires & cabels Pvt. Ltd.     India
SCR Elektronics     India
Secure Meters     India
Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd.     India
Semikron Electronics P.Ltd.     India
Senapathy Whiteley Pvt. Ltd     India
Servokon Systems Limited     India
Shavison Electronics Pvt. Ltd.     India
Shera Energy Pvt Ltd.     India
SH-Haryana Wires Ltd.     India
Shilchar Technologies Ltd.     India
Shree Gopal Industries     India
Shree N M Electronics Limited     India
Shreem Electric Limited     India
Shreem Electric Ltd.     India
Shubhakarma Udyog     India
Silkaans Electricals Mfg. Co.Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sintex Industries Ltd     India
Sipcon Instrument Industries     India
Sivitek Engg P. L     India
Skipper Electricals India Ltd.     India
SNT Equipments Pvt. Ltd.     India
Socomec India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sohan coppertech Pvt. Ltd.     India
Speedwell     India
Star Extrusion     India
statcon Power Controls Ltd     India
Stelmec Limited     India
Sterling and wilson Ltd     India
Sterling Impex     India
Sterling India     India
Sukrut Electric Co. PL     India
Suman Electrics Udyogs Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sumip Composites Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sumitron Export Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sunesons Engineering & fabrication P. L.     India
Super Impex     India
Supreme & Co. Pvt. Ltd.     India
Sure Resistors     India
Surendra Composites Pvt. Ltd.     India
Synthesis Winding Technologies     India
System Control     India
Tamra Dhatu Udyog     India
TBEA Energy I PL     India
Technical Associates Limited     India
Techno Fibre Industries     India
Techno Instruments     India
Teknic Controls     India
Tempsens Instruments I Pvt Ltd     India
Terminal Technologies I Pvt. Ltd.     India
Terminall International     India
Tesla Transformers Limited     India
Texas Instruments India P L     India
The Electrical Market     India
The Motwane Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.     India
TMEIC Indl System India PL     India
Toshniwal Instruments Madras Pvt. Ltd.     India
Tosrison Industries     India
Trinity touch Pvt. Ltd     India
Trishul Engineers     India
True Power Earth Solutions     India
Tushar Trans equipment Pvt. Ltd     India
Udey Instrument     India
Udeyraj Electricals pvt. Ltd.     India
Ujwal Electrical Stampings Pvt. Ltd.     India
Umang BoardsPvt. Ltd.     India
Unitech Transformers Pvt. Ltd.     India
United iNsulation Industries     India
Universal Cables Ltd.     India
Universal Power Equipment Pvt. Ltd.     India
V2 Lights     India
Vardhaman Stampings Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vardhman Hoses Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vashi Electricals Pvt. Ltd.     India
Venson Electric Pvt. Ltd.     India
Veritek Engineering Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vidarbha Winding Wires Limited     India
Vidya Wire     India
Vijeta Switchgear P. Ltd.     India
Vikas Spool Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vilas Transcore Limited     India
Vimlesh Industries Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vishal Ceramics     India
Vishalfab India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Vishay Component     India
Vision Vidyut Engg PL     India
Voltamp Controls India     India
Voltamp Transformers Limited     India
Vrandavan Brass Industries     India
W.S. Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.     India
Wago & Controls India Ltd.     India
Weg Industries India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Weidmann Electricals Technology AG     India
Wilson Power & Distribution Technologies     India
Wirecom India Pvt. Ltd.     India
Yamuna Power & Infrastructure Ltd.     India
Yash High Voltage Insulators Pvt. Ltd.     India
Yogya Enterprises     India
Zeeta Electrical Engineering Pvt. Ltd.     India
ZERA GMBH     Germany

Visitors Profile :

The targeted visitors for ELECRAMA 2014 are:
Manufacturers, Power Utilities, EPC Contractors, Consultants & Specifiers, Traders & Importers, Trade Attaches, Academics & Students, Financial Institutions, Funding Bodies, Press & Media, Policy makers - Government Ministries etc.

Places To Visit :

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Start Date: 19-APR-13 End Date: 21-APR-13
Venue: The Lalit Ashok Hotel
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Wellness & Health Tourism Expo
Start Date: 20-APR-13 End Date: 21-APR-13
Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)
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The Great India Startup Business Development Conferednce & Show
Start Date: 20-APR-13 End Date: 20-APR-13
Venue: Country Club
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Hotel and Accomodation :

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